Works on Paper


Works on paper are most often the testing ground for the ideas of an artist.
The paper perhaps allows for a lighter, less serious approach to image making
which in turn can produce unexpected results or lead the artist more easily
in new directions. And so it is the case with the selected works in this
exhibition. Andrew Walker was choosing paper as opposed to board
or canvas to make exploratory, insouciant work that can in turn create new
threads of inquiry or invention.
These works relate to the artist's experience of West Cornwall, the colour,
the light and the coast and also the art that these elements have produced.


 Installation photos of 'Works on Paper'
       11th March - 31st May 2016







Selected Paintings from 'Works on Paper'

  'Forms on Horizon',  2014
  acrylic on paper,  46cm x 31cm




Andrew talks about 'Forms on the Horizon'



'Grey Horizon'  2015
acrylic on paper  20cm diameter





   'Harbour Walls'  2015
   acrylic on paper  77cm x 50cm




Andrew talks about 'Harbour Walls'

   'Moon over Harbour'  2014
   acrylic on paper  76cm x 98cm







   'Orange Sun, Yellow Delta'  2015
   watercolour on paper  20cm x 30cm







   'Against the Wind'  2014
   acrylic on paper  76cm x 98cm









Two further videos:
Andrew talks about 'Blue Harbour' and 'Lilac Harbour'
A tour of 'Works on Paper'


Prices for these works are available on application