The exhibition SMALL WORKS opens on Nov. 19th and runs until Jan. 14th 2017.

From Cornwall




'Coast Path, Polurrian'

oil on canvas
35cm x 35cm unframed
51cm x 51cm framed

Andrew continues to visit the SW Coast Path 
to paint 'en plein air' to inform his more
abstract works.











'Near Mullion Cove'

oil on board
30cm x 30cm unframed
47cm x 47cm framed

Mullion Cove is on the south west coast
of the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. This 
part of the South West coast path is a
favourite of Andrew's where he has produced
many paintings.









'Sailing Day'

acrylic on board
40cm x 15cm unframed
43cm x 18cm framed

'Sailing Day' is a diptych construction made up of
two small panels with applied cut-out shapes.
It is part of a series of small wooden constructions
by Andrew in 2016.




'Untitled Yellow, Blue, Green'

acrylic on canvas
30cm x 30cm unframed
50cm x 50cm framed

This is one of Andrew's most recent
abstract paintings. Using acrylic for
its quick drying properties, he is
interested in using brushstrokes and
the juxtaposition of colours to express
the energy and dynamism of Cornwall's
coast and landscapes.


























From Scotland


'Study for Tall Summer Grasses'

oil on board
30cm x 24cm unframed
53cm x 47cm framed

This small painting led to a popular series
of larger works - paintings of summer
grasses and barley fields, often
incorporating the driedgrasses themselves.










'Trees in Autumn'

oil on canvas
36cm x 25cm unframed
46cm 35cm framed

Painted around Andrew's home
in the Scottish Borders countryside,
'Trees in Autumn' is typical of Andrew's
paintings of that time. The colour of the
autumnal trees allowing for the use
of bold colours.





'Red Ploughed Fields and Cheviot Hills'

oil on canvas
35cm x 25cm unframed
50cm x 42cm framed

This is a painting of the view from
Andrew's home in the Scottish
Borders. Looking south over the
Tweed Valley to the Cheviot Hills and
the Scottish Border. The soil was
predominately red clay giving the
artist the opportunity to use
his bold colour palette. 






'Harvest Fields'

oil on canvas
27cm x 25cm unframed
37cm x 35cm framed

Harvest time provided an
abundance of painting opportunties
from the almost abstract 
fields to the sculptural straw bales
scattered across the landscape.






















From France

'M. Bureaux's House'

oil on canvas
40cm x 40cm unframed
58cm x 58cm framed

M. Bureaux's house was a favourite
subject of Andrew's when painting in
the village of Vieussan in the Langudoc
region of Southern France. The blue
shutters are typical of the region and
the steeply rising landscape behind
allowed for an abstracting into colour
and form to shape the hillside.









'Olive Tree'

oil on canvas
35cm x 35cm unframed
51cm x 51cm framed

This painting of an olive tree shows
the contrast in light and shade found
in the South of France. Dappled
brushstrokes and an intesity of colour
expressing the effects of bright sunshine.











'Shirley's House at Combret'

oil on canvas
35cm x 30cm unframed
48cm x 43cm framed

Combret sur Rance is a small viilage high
in the Auvergne. Andrew's friend Jean-Michel
has a family house there and invited Andrew
out there to paint. Shirley is an English woman
Andrew met while he was there. Despite living
there alone for almost twenty years she spoke
virtually no French.




'La Begerie'

oil on canvas
35cm x 27cm unframed
50cm x 43cm framed

La Bergerie is a small group of buildings
situated high up at the back of the
hillside village of Vieussan. Andrew has
painted it many times in different formats
saying 'it is something about the tiny buildings
huddled together like a small family or group
of still life objects'.






'Old Road, Vieussan'

oil on canvas
40cm x 40cm unframed
58cm x 58cm framed

Painted from the old road into Vieussan,
with buildings climbing the hillside behind.
The village has been a favourite of Andrew's 
to paint since first going there on a scholarship
in 1996.





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