Diptychs & Triptychs

Diptychs and Triptychs are normally two or three panelled images, sometimes hinged and used traditionally for devotional purposes.
Andrew Walker is happy with that definition in relation to his two and three panelled works.
"I like to juxtapose disparate images, together they become more than the sum of their parts. They create visual chords, resonating with each other.
Individually the images can have one meaning and together another. The unusual combinations have a spark, a visual reaction to one another."


Installation photo 1















'Untitled Red and Green' oil on canvas
133cm x 77cm, 2016










'Dancing with the Moon and Stars' acrylic on board
45cm x 37cm, 2016








'Yellow Sun Black Sun Orange Sky' oil on canvas
153cm x 51cm, 2016








'Untitled Triptych, Grey, Blue, Orange oil on canvas
276cm x 92cm, 2016








Installation photo 2

















'Day on the Beach' acrylic on board
46cm x 32cm, 2016







'Sailing Day' acrylic on board
40cm x 15cm, 2016





'Blue Floating Forms' oil on canvas
40cm x 122cm, 2016
















Prices for thse works are available on application