'BLUE' brings together various strands in Andrew Walker's recent work. All the works selected for this exhibition are primarily
blue but within that there is still variety. Curving, floating shapes, bold diagonal brush strokes and the 'all-over' paintings of the 'Blue Series'

Installation photo








 'Forms on Blue'  2015
  acrylic on canvas  61cm x 141cm














  'Grey Horizon'  2016
  acrylic on canvas  102 x 78







  'Blue Series no.4'  2015
  acrylic on canvas  61cm x 46cm





  'Blue Equinox'  2014
  acrylic on board  21cm x 21cm





  'untitled'  2016
  acrylic on paper  61cm x 46cm




Andrew has recorded a video where he talks about selected paintings from the 'BLUE' exhibition



  'Blue Series, Water's Surface'  2015
  acrylic on board  81cm x 53cm





  'Blue Series no.6 Deep Blue'  2015
  acrylic on board  145cm x 78cm






  'Form Reflected'  2015
  oil on canvas  36cm x 61cm









  'Incoming Tide'  2014
  oil on canvas  30cm x 30cm 





Prices for this exhibition are avaialable on application