Archive Paintings



A selection of Archive Paintings currently available



'House at Tarrassac'  oil on canvas
84cm x 84cm unframed
110cm x 110cm framed














  'Houses at Laurel' oil on canvas
  75cm x 75cm unframed












 'Olive Tree'  oil on canvas
  35cm x 35cm unframed
  50cm x 50cm framed









 'Study of Tall Summer Grasses'  oil on board
 30cm x 24cm unframed
 50cm x 44cm framed








  'Barley Fields and Tall Grasses',  2005
  oil on canvas,  87cm x 77cm











  'Tree and Straw Bales',  2008
   oil on canvas,  36cm x 36cm











  'Autumn Tree and Red Field'  oil on board
  20cm x 25cm, 2012











Prices on application 

Further paintings from Scotland and the South of France are available to view on request.